Antinstall is a domestic and global famous company with Finished brackets, Anti-seismic brackets, Pre-buried Channel, BIM consult service all in one.
The designed and manufactured brackets achieve the level of world- leading brands based on assimilating the American-Euro brackets technology and combining domestic and global standards.
Antinstall will provide the best products to all customers under the professional core team with 20 years more experienced persons and good operation experience & products well understanding.
Antinstall has certificates ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System. Besides, external monitoring, internal testing with lab testing equipment will provide safe and quality guaranteed products.
Antinstall will continuously improve the manufacturing process, testing process to promote all products and whole company quality.
Except comprehensive brackets, Antinstall develops one kind of cost-effective communal pipe rack bracket and it could be manufactured according to customer drawings.
Antinstall communal pipe rack bracket: the zinc coating thickness could fulfill GB/T 13912-2002 and other national standards. Surface fireproofing refer to CECS24:90, antiseptic property and fireproof property are good enough, also it could be easily installed and uninstalled.
Compare to other companies, Antinstall has advantages in below:
1、 focusing on installing system
2、 Reliable quality management system and delivery cycle.
3、Strong design capability. Antinstall has Finished brackets, Anti-seismic brackets, Pre-buried Channel, BIM consult service all in one, provide integral solution for different projects and specially has a mature service network all around the world. Antinstall will provide an in time and effective installing service in anywhere.